Treasures of HollowHill.  A mysterious site of a fabled Tomb. Many have tried to find it, but no-one has, until now! A fortunate landslide while surveying the area has revealed the long buried entrance to you. Setting up Base Camp you find many tantalizing pieces of pottery and they all point to this being the site of a King's Treasure Vault! You recently found the large stone door you believe leads to the main chamber of the tomb! This is it, fortune and glory awaits adventurer. . .  Happy hunting!

By the way. All TREASURES are shown with rainbow lettering so you can identify them easily. Bring all the TREASURES back to the Artifacts Tent for further study and assessment of how incredibly valuable and rich they will make you... er I mean their scientific and historical value of course. 

This is a TEXT adventure only. Use VERB NOUN commands to move around this world and interact with its contents. For Example:

To move around type 'N or S or E or W or NE' etc. or to pick something up type 'GET CHEESE' for instance. Always 'EXAMINE' items/places often to find info or discover other objects. If you get stuck try typing 'HELP' for some advice. Note some often used commands can be abbreviated, for instance:  EXAMINE can become EXAM or even X  i.e. EXAM LAMP. Also INVENTORY becomes INV or I.  

Finally, this game is an entrant into the 2020 Adventuron Game Jam. There are restrictions placed on the game such as - No Graphics - Two Word descriptions - 6 Words for replies etc. So it's got a minimal feel, kind of retro even. Anyway hope you enjoy playing it.

Current Version - 1.5.4 - Bug Fix  (Final Candidate)

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Great game, managed to get 8 out of 9 treasures. Stuck on the last one. Saw mention of fishing, can't figure it out though.

You need a fishing net and go to the lagoon. There's something under the water. 

Despite examining everything again in every room I am resolutely still netless.

Open a box in the antechamber in the Strange Room :) Voila Net 

Andy Chapman sent me :)


:) Say hi from me. Welcome.

Enjoying this game! I like the pace of the beginning. Stumped a few sections below. Trying to find some keys or something to bridge.

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Nice, glad you like it. Yeah I bet you came across something early on to help with that bridging problem, you'll have to dig into that a bit more. ;)

Hi, I thought all I had to do was drop the right thing to get across, but no...

Nope you'll need to lay or place something to get across the stones.

Hmmm yep you'll need a key that's a STRANGE one for sure. ;)

I've gotten farther but appear to be without any clues. I have a rucksack full of sand and another door that's locked.

Hmmm, which location is this door in? There's only one key and one door it opens. The rucksack is a replacement for a similar item. ;)

Are you talking about the Thick Glass Door or the Gold Leaf Door?

got the thick glass door i think. Its the gold leaf door now.