Adventuron Christmas Game Jam entry


Welcome to Northpole. Not THAT Northpole, the proper Northpole, the home of Santa and all his magical Elves. Now Northpole the village is situated in a small magical valley, roughly somewhere in north Norway. Don't worry though normal humans can't find it, or see it, because, well Christmas magic of course. 

There's a situation, a kerfuffle if you will. See, as the Reindeer where being saddled up to the sleigh they suddenly took off. Like  a scolded cat! Well it was actually only six of them. Santa sent Rudolph to round them up and bring them back, hopefully without a scratch on the sleigh. When they returned there was a problem. They'd lost some presents from the sleigh!

An investigation by the Chief Elf of the Watch found that a deer had been struck by a rather sharp piece of coal. This is where you come in. . . . . 

You suddenly feel a lot of eyes are looking at you. As you look up you see all the elves staring angrily. Santa too is staring at you, he seems furious as well. Then it dawns on you, you have a piece of coal in your hand, just rolling it around absently mindedly. "Erm, oh, er, no, no it wasn't me, honest!", you desperately say, trying to clear your name. It's not enough, Santa orders you to find the missing Presents or don't bother returning. You are marched to the border of the village and you walk off into the night to find some Presents.
You do ponder though, who really threw that piece of coal?
Good luck young Elf. May the magic of Christmas be with you.

How to play

This is a text adventure with graphics. To interact with the game world you only need to enter commands in Verb/Noun format such as GET KNIFE or TALK SNOWMAN or JUMP CREVASSE etc. To move around the world simply use the main direction commands - (N)orth, (S)outh, (E)ast and (W)est. Also you can use... NW, NE, SW, SE, U, D, IN, OUT

Note you can only carry 10 items. So you may need to do some juggling of items. You're an Elf not Santa's magical sack. You can't hold an infinite about of things.

Other common commands that you'll need are:
EXAMINE <name of object> take a closer look at an item.
INVENTORY will list the items you are carrying or wearing.
USE <name of object> usually must be carried.
TALK <persons name or object name>, SAY <words>, ASK <object/person/place>. You can structure short sentences if you want, like: TALK TO JIM or ASK ABOUT FAIRIES or EXAMINE BLUE PRESENT etc.

Also if you wear an item it with show an asterisk at the end of its name for example: Long Scarf *

You can use abbreviations if you want for some commands like:
EXAM(ine) or even just  X
INV(entory) or even just  I
Most locations will have some form of help or advice, just type HELP to receive some wisdom.


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SPOILERS: I have 6 of 7. Trying to find a sleigh, mix some powders, or serve up some sprouts to a certain elf.

Really love this game and its perfect holiday retro graphics!

Thanks for that. Glad you're liking it. 6 out of 7 is impressive present count. Sprouts are an important mission to access the sleigh. ;)

Still trying to figure out the right questions to ask... I also discovered a bug with one of the presents. Should i post here?

Yeah let me know here or you can email. I can't fix it right now though. I won't be back home til next year. 


Hey John, just did a dual liveplay with Banana Retro on Northpole. I've included the link in case you're interested, if it's too much I can remove it. Really enjoyed it, very 16 bit look and feel. We saved the presents! But it's not over yet...


Thats awesome Rich. Just caught up watching it. Was great seeing someone playing. Loved that you were getting the humour and vibe too. :) 

My only advice would be ASK more questions of the characters might help more (indeed its necessary for finding a Present) or indeed type HELP as there are lots of hints throughout too. ;)

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Added probably the final candidate. Ver 1.0.2
Many minor additions and tweaks as per feedback. Many thanks. I may get a chance to do final tweaks later, but unlikely unless it's game breaking.

Added a couple of new responses around the Dark Forest location after feedback. Ver.1.0.1